About us

About us

Sustainable catering company

Bibendum is a Benefit Corporation and the first Circular Catering in Italy.

Since 1998 we are involved in corporate and private events, weddings, temporary bars and restaurants, healthy circular corporate canteens, team building, and service for star chefs.

Our goal is to make customers live real Food Experiences. Through the "Food" we spread the culture and pleasure of food following the criteria of ethics, territoriality, seasonality and respect for raw materials; through the "Experience," creativity and research in the settings, we make our service a visual as well as taste emotion. With this philosophy, we create unique tailor-made events, establishing our brand as a partner of sectors such as fashion, design, automotive, art and finance.

Bibendum has been leading a very specific path towards sustainability for years, dedicating investments and resources to it. Like all goals it must be carried out by a team that shares the company's goal. Bibendum's Team is composed of managers, chefs, art directors, food designers, logisticians and accounts that support the client from the request to the event: 20 people that can become even 100 in case of big events able to make Food and Experience dialogue.


To celebrate our first 20 years we gave ourselves a new, more roomy, and multi-functional headquarters, to create, envisage and pursue the most overwhelming and passionate food experiences.
A totally equipped kitchen of 280 m² dotted by 18 m² of kitchen hoods spread out among ovens, blast chillers, induction plates complete with accessories will make unique recipes blend tradition and innovation.
A 1,800 m³ warehouse stores and gathers the result of extenuating efforts to bring unique pieces to the table and create absolutely memorable set-ups that differ each time, and lastly, 250 m² is dedicated to the offices.