Bibendum is the right partner to contribute to your corporate sustainability strategy.

Bibendum is a Benefit Company and the first Circular Catering in Italy.

For more than 24 years we have been operating in the world of luxury as a partner of sectors such as fashion, design, automotive, art and finance, with a special focus on environmental, social and economic issues... from today with one more certification.

Bibendum has, in fact, obtained ISO 20121 certification for the Sustainable Event Management System on the occasion of the "Sustainable Conviviality" events held for Iris Ceramica Group during Cersaie 2022.

What differentiates our sustainable catering?

Guiding us are careful research and a sustainable philosophy: making responsible choices that safeguard biodiversity, natural capital and human health.

Bibendum has been leading a path toward sustainability for years, dedicating investment and resources to it in line with the directions outlined by the United Action Organization for the 2030 Agenda and pursuing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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The sustainability of convivial moments is expressed in various areas from Food to Beverage to set-ups, all aspects analyzed by the SGS certifying body: an official recognition that consolidates the path towards sustainability for companies.


Bibendum's sensitivity to environmental, social and economic issues goes way back and is inscribed in the chromosomes of its corporate structure and in the team that has become part of this great project. We became a Benefit in 2020, submitted our second Sustainability Report and within the year we will apply for B-Corp Certification.

Today, thanks to a structured management system and important achievements, we can offer our clients a certified sustainable service: our desire is to apply the highest degree of sustainability to luxury catering cuisine while not sacrificing the aesthetics of the dish, in fact raising it to a higher level.

Bibendum designs, produces, and certifies-each event is defined by circular and social economy criteria.

1.   We design by selecting suppliers on the basis of:

Territoriality to favor the local economy and thus reducing the impact of transportation;

Seasonality to offer products whose nutritional properties are optimal without the addition of chemicals to influence their ripening;

Ethicality to enhance the social sustainability profile of supplier companies and their positive impacts.

2.   We produce Food Experience:

Circular recipes, also enhancing secondary raw materials by aiming to zero waste in the kitchen.

Set-ups with reusable and recyclable materials by choosing employees with respect for safety and social commitment.

Value: the welfare of our workers is paramount. We offer them continuous training and help them in skill development, collaborate with schools, universities and voluntary associations always undertaking new cultural projects.

3.   We certify our service by submitting to the audit of inspection, verification, analysis and certification companies during the event. During the audit, conducted by taking a process approach focusing on significant aspects, risks and objectives, Bibendum is subjected to interviews, observations of activities and examination of documents and records.

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Why choose Bibendum and a sustainable catering service?

Choosing Bibendum means having an excellent Food and Experience service, a sustainable catering service that is tailored and transparent from planning to event implementation.

Certification of our service proves our commitment to decreasing our environmental impact and provides an opportunity to strengthen our corporate sustainability strategy.

Increasingly, our actions are being recognized and valued: selecting Bibendum as your supplier strengthens your company's sustainability.

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