Bread Corner

Bread, the main element of the Mediterranean cuisine, is presently undergoing a great revolution thanks to the work of young entrepreneurs, farmers and bakers, who decide to return to their origins after acquiring their academic degrees, thus dedicating themselves to the land and its fruits.

In a journey which starts from the fields and many different varieties of cereals, they build supply chains that land on our tables, to (re)offer good, fragrant and healthy bread, like the one we once had. These wheat entrepreneurs are accompanied by chefs in a team game oriented to food education, for the culture and wellbeing of us all.

We at Bibendum have also embraced and share this philosophy. For this reason, during events we offer our customers a bread corner besides having hosted within our Banquet, an evening dedicated to bread making, masterfully held by farmer, Andrea Libero Gherpelli, and our Executive Chef, Marta Pulini, and with flours obtained from ancient wheats.

It consists of a buffet of bread and bread sticks, baked with different flours into different shapes, and which no longer only complement but become true key players of the set-up and of a real tasting journey amidst nature and culture.

The bread corner finds its perfect spot both in traditional catering services and wedding receptions.

Bread Corner