Fashion Events

Passionate, state-of-the-art customised food service that can be defined as a FOOD EXPERIENCE and where the quest for the best ingredients turns into the creation of traditional or international recipes that are classic or modern, but always with a precise identity which aims at recreating the pleasure of true comfort food at an exemplary level.

This is why the continual pursuit of, customized solutions, care paid to the service, and creativity put in the set-ups become the basis of our event on the occasion of Pitti or the Fashion Week.

For us, food is a real work of art which we always embellish in different ways depending on the occasions and creative incentives. During exhibitions, we interpret our corporate identity through a service which can be a buffet, seated dinner or gastronomic centrepiece for an experience of sharing and togetherness.

The set-up is an integrating part of the gastronomic experience and for this reason we like to create impressions and themes together so they can be the guide for your events. The buffets, therefore, become the aesthetic fulcrum of the events, to the extent that they can be defined as true scenic designs which can be adapted even to the most complex moods. On the other hand, traditional table service is enriched with the fineness of the set-ups and elegance of the menu.

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Fashion Events