green setups

At our events we want guests to breathe a magical atmosphere: unique gastronomic offerings, beautiful locations surrounded by greenery or ancient mansions laden with history and culture capable of astonishing and exciting.

Natural arrangements aim to preserve the environment: we use vegetables and collaborate with florists who use flowers and plants in a sustainable way.


During outdoor events, we ask florists to perform "free style" decorations: arrangements are designed and made according to the availability of flowers and plants surrounding the location.

The conscious use of plants and natural elements allows us to better tell the story of our philosophy, the venue and some of the recipes proposed in the menu.

An alternative is to use dried flowers and plants such as ears of corn or fragrant herbs or to take advantage of seasonal prunings such as branches and berries that placed inside tall vases become decorative elements for the table and the ambiance.

The outdoor event season is still long, let our team advise you.


green setups