For Bibendum it is essential to be able to offer its guests alternative but equally tasty non-alcoholic solutions, always respecting the parameters of healthfulness and freshness of the ingredients. Therefore, following what are the new trends we follow a real gastronomic revolution daughter of the study of the beneficial implications on health of the consumption of Teas and herbal teas, cold or hot, that replace wine and water during meals proposing:

Fragrant waters

Aromatic herbs, spices and fresh fruits flavor by adding freshness to classic mineral water.

Teas and herbal teas

We rely on historic brands that offer a wide assortment of teas and herbal teas in order to be able to select the right match for each dish, just as one would with wine.

Smoothies and centrifuges

We make colorful smoothies and centrifuges using only certified quality, ripe seasonal fruits so that we can reduce the use of refined sugar.


The term comes from the fusion of the words " mock " meaning deception and "cocktail" to mean reinterpretations of classic cocktails or original blends but strictly alcohol-free. They are scenic and intensely flavored non-alcoholic drinks in which the alcoholic part is replaced by juices and infusions that allow you to quench your thirst while staying in shape without giving up the pleasure of a good aperitif.