Catering For Exclusive Weddings

Each wedding is personalized and created together with the client: an event in the image of the bride and groom, reflecting their principles and tastes.
Ours is a work of organization, creativity, entertainment. Every moment of the wedding is in itself an event by refinement, exclusivity and originality.
Even the most minute of details is studied, chosen, composed with the dedication and care that an artistic realization demands. In our concepts every element contributes to a whole that must be unique.
The result is custom catering that draws inspiration from shapes, colors and materials. Our professional staff will be able to transform requirements into customized solutions: from the arrangements to the gastronomic offerings.

Catering For Exclusive Weddings


We spread the culture and pleasure of food by following the criteria of ethics, territoriality, seasonality and respect for raw materials through new approaches of circularity without renouncing aesthetic research. We have always proposed a cuisine that is attentive to the health of our clients and their guests, serving them dishes in which nutrients are maintained and flavors are enhanced.
We produce recipes with as little waste as possible and also offer the option of having a Vegan, Vegetarian or Plant Based Menu.


We adapt the set design to each location. Based on the location, we design buffet and table settings with attention to the smallest details. Creativity in the arrangements is one of the foundations of our proposals, strengthened by continuous study and research to propose customized and sustainable solutions.
Food becomes an integral part of the design not only to be admired but also to be tasted.


Every event is carefully planned and organized. Our team of food managers, logisticians, chefs, and creatives have experience and professionalism to work with care and respect for our host venues and are coordinated to provide support for the bride and groom, pamper guests, and collaborate with vendor partners. 

Table Setting

Working on a wedding placee means paying attention to the color choice of mise en place, tables and chairs. Every single piece is matched and dosed in the right way with the other complements and colors, in order to fit perfectly into the context of the host location.
For the choice of mise en place we collaborate with suppliers all over Italy, selecting each time the one closest to the wedding location. Our choice has a sustainable purpose, aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions generated by transportation and offer always new arrangements to our brides and grooms.