Bibendum: Event organizer for Corporate & Private

The philosophy that guides Bibendum’s activities finds its utmost expression in all the phases of an event. First fruits and raw material of excellent quality, produced according to the standards of sustainability and seasonality, are the basic elements in the preparations that gather in themselves, the value of Italian foods and wines and the influences of the best international cuisine, genuine crossovers in terms of creativity and innovativeness. Concepts inspired by art and the magic of mother nature make the presentations authentic masterpiece paintings, panoramas populated by harmonic forms, vibrant hues and seductive perfumes. 

Bibendum: Event organizer for Corporate & Private

Bonsai Food

Particular attention is paid also to our single portions. We chose to call them “bonsai” since they are the small-sized reproduction of complex dishes, but which in a single mouthful are able to impress even the most refined palates. Once again, care for details make these small creations miniature works of art with intense and refined tastes.


A feast for the palate and for the eyes, this version of the more informal banquet is with seated dining service: a rich buffet with a complete menu, to be tasted with your fingers.


The more classic and formal services: striking scenic buffets for the aperitif and table service for lunch or dinner, surrounded by the precious set-ups and refinement of the menu.

Gastronomic Certerpiece

In the gastronomic centerpiece, food becomes the key player at the table center, running lengthwise, and blends with the floral decors.
A real hymn to conviviality among the diners leads into an unexpected journey of flavors and ingredients able to move us and recount a story of local traditions or distant cultures.

Fun and Food

This is creativity at the service of food for an experience of innovative flavors: unexpected textures, use of instruments for service rendered to the kitchen from the world of art and design to amuse and astound the dinner guests.

Food show

With our food shows, the guests can admire during the event, the preparation of some sweet or salty delicacy, directly served by the chef.

Cocktail Bar

The choice and concoction of the drinks are fundamental in preparing the palate of the guests, at the aperitif and in matching every event. For this reason, our barmen are savvy in choosing the best drink for a taste experience that pairs freshness and variety.


In our vision, each major event is a unique project, which carries within itself the complexity, charm and surprise of a creative process close to art. It is an architecture that rests on the foundations of the deep knowledge of Italian and international gastronomy, on the mastery of the dynamics that mark the ceremonies of various cultures.