Food Art & Opera

Bibendum: an Author Catering. 

Decompose and recompose the artworks translating them into Food Experience, gastronomic and scenic experiences created from artworks.

Over the years we have had the opportunity and the honor to work alongside artists, sculptors, architects and designers: the challenge is to create sets, installations and a tailor-made gastronomic proposal on their creations. Just as a work of art is unique and unrepeatable, so must the event be.

The proposals can be modulated on the places (pavilions, galleries, palaces, exhibition and museum venues) or draw inspiration from the personality and creativity of the Artist.

Food Art & Opera


On the occasion of the Biennale d'Arte 2019, we created the opening catering service for the Opera "Building Bridges" by Lorenzo Quinn, which also featured Andrea Bocelli in concert.

Bibendum was inspired by the work "FOUR LOVES" to interpret the mise en place and recreate the concept of the menu starting from the elements that constitute it. Amethyst, wood, steel and brass as well as in Quinn's work have been used in the realization of both placée and buffet scenography, tables and plates.


Giorgio Morandi a great painter, engraver and at the same time a great lover of cooking.

On the occasion of the opening of Morandi's exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in Bologna, we organized a gala dinner, whose recipes were inspired by the letters that the artist wrote to his sisters. This event combined food and art, both in terms of the centerpiece of the table, interpreted according to the artistic style of the painter, and in terms of culinary choices capable of restoring the original spirit of Morandi's gastronomic culture.


Artist Maurizio Cattellan - TOILET PAPER together with Yoox and Wallpaper, to celebrate the 2018 edition of Milan Design Week. The Garage Traversi, under restoration, hosted the event.

Inspired by the "construction site" theme, we built a wall of bread bricks, created mountains of lime with sweets and created a room service where the waiters-actors simulated the activity of masons using real work tools.


Venice, inside Palazzo Donà Giovanelli for Chiara Ferragni "Unposted" event organized by Alessandra Grillo.

The Palace chosen for the gala dinner was under restoration at the time of the event and during the inspection the restorers were in full swing. We therefore decided to create a menu inspired by the art of restoration and created a spectacular and creative Food Experience where painting, gilding, stucco were expressed in the dishes and in the setting.