Grand events

In our vision, every great event is a unique project which bears within it the complexity, fascination and surprise of a creative process that closely resembles art. It is an architecture that digs its fundaments in the profound knowledge of Italian and international gastronomy, mastery of the dynamics that articulate the rites of various cultures, and capacity to spruce them up with a unique, artistic outfit. From food to the table, the set-up, entertainment, every moment of the event is in itself an event for refinement, exclusiveness and originality. The capacity to handle the big figures is an aspect which enables the Bibendum staff to integrate quantity to quality.

Grand events


1100 guests


700 guests

intimissimi on ice

1000 guests

gaetano pesce New York

1000 guests

milano fashion week

500 guests


3000 guests

London Olympics 2012

16.000 guests in 20 days